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Coinsbit India Exchange Airdrop » Free 2,000 ($200) CIN Token

Coinsbit India Exchange Airdrop

Coinsbit India Exchange

  • Token: CIN token
  • Price: 1 CIN ($0.1)
  • Earn: 2,000 CIN ($200)

  • KYC required

    • Referral: Yes
    • Total Supply: 100 bln

    • Platform: ERC20
    • Airdrop End: 09/07/2021

    How To Join Coinsbit Exchange Airdrop

    1️. Register on Coinsbit.in

    2️. Pass KYC 

    3. Subscribe to our social channels:

    Coinsbit.in Indian Exchange $200 Airdrop

    CIN tokens will be distributed only to participants of the referral program and to new users for registration on our platform.

    Coinsbit India aims to become a leading trading platform for the Indian market that is just beginning to see the potential of cryptocurrency.


    Coinsbit India operates in compliance with the guidelines set out by the government of India. Coinsbit India looks to bring service, reliability and convenience that cannot be matched by any other exchange.

    How To Referral Program Works

    By inviting friends and acquaintances to register on the Coinsbit India exchange, you will earn CIN tokens according to the following 5-level reward system:

    • 1 level - $100 (1000 CIN tokens)
    • 2 level - $50 (500 CIN tokens)
    • 3 level - $25 (250 CIN tokens)
    • 4 level - $10 (100 CIN tokens)
    • 5 level - $5 (50 CIN tokens)

    Coinsbit Indian Token (CIN)

    CIN Token - is a service token of the new crypto exchange Coinsbit India. It will give users access to unique features on the exchange, as well as additional bonuses and privileges.

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