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Citizen Finance NFT Airdrop » Rare NFT in-game Assets

NFT Airdrop

Citizen Finance NFT Airdrop

Citizen Finance will be airdropping rare nft in-game assets to its Citizens. Citizens will be able to own a rare piece of our gem by performing simple social media task.

How To Get Your NFT Airdrop?

NFT Airdrop Referral System

Citizens with the highest invites will be rewarded with a different class of in-game assets.

  • Top Inviter - Class 6 NFT
  • Top 2-10 - Class 5 NFT
  • Top 1-20 - Class 4
  • Top 21-30 Class 3
  • Top 31 - 50 Class 2
  • Others Class 1

How To Join Citizen Finance NFT Airdrop?

Citizen Finance NFT Use Cases

Citizen Finance NFT has multiple use case on the platform. holders of Citizen Finance NFT can:

  • Use it to play Meta City FPS Game
  • Stake it
  • Resell it on secondary marketplace
  • Use it as collateral
  • And many more

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