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Trebit Network Airdrop » Get 0.1 TRB [$40] Free

TRB Airdrop

Trebit Network Airdrop

  • 1 TRB = 400$
  • Joining Bonus 0.1 TRB = (40$)
  • 0.1 TRB successfully added to your balance.
  • Get 0.01 TRB = ($4) for each valid referral.
  • Total TRB supply is 45,000  Check TRB on Etherscan

How To Join TRB Airdrop

  • Talk to the Telegram Bot
  • Join our Telegram group and channel (Mandatory, 0.05 TRB)
  • Follow our Twitter (Mandatory, 0.025 TRB)
  • Subscribe our Youtube Channel (Mandatory, 0.025 TRB)
  • Can't Change Your Submit Information


Don't submit your Wrong information. If you don't complete all tasks, Your payment will be not made in distribution time

What is Trebit Network?

Trebit is the world's first completely decentralized derivatives exchangeable token with trustless cross-chain trading in collaboration with a consortium of crypto trading. It is natively based on the Ethereum Blockchain

Join & earn 40$ free

  1. Create an account at trebitnetwork.com.
  2. Submit KYC (ID front, back & own image)
  3. After Submit KYC wait 24-48 hours.
  4. After approve KYC, 0.1 TRB(40$) will be credit to your balance.

(Note: You can withdraw it after airdrop end)💧
Trebit Network✅
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