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GoldKey Finance Airdrop » Get 1 GKEY ($10) Free

GKEY Airdrop

GoldKey Finance Airdrop (GKEY)

  • Reward: 1 GKEY ($10)
  • Each referral: 0.25 GKEY
  • Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Focus: Distribution starts after airdrop end.


How Ti Join GoldKey Finance Airdrop

  • Follow Goldkey on Twitter and Retweet Pinned Post.
  • Submit your BSC or ERC20 address.
  • Also get 0.25 GKEY for each referral.

GKEY Airdrop Details

Airdrop will end on 28th April, 2021. GKEY will be distributed to your BSC or ERC20 wallet address. (make sure you know how to add Binance Smart Chain network on your Etherum wallet)

Additional Information: 

A product from GoldKey Finance, GKey is a DeFi protocol that provides users with the best yields in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, just with an internet connection. 

GKEY is purposefully unique and provides a fully secure and transparent experience, backed by audited smart contracts and a powerful token system. GKEY offers a suite of services starting with staking and farming that users can access from one platform.

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